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Arnold Circus to receive funding

July 23, 2008

Big Changes on Arnold Circus and how you can input

After years of starvation, Arnold Circus is about to become the recipient of capital money. Tower Hamlets has negotiated a big tranche of funding through planning gain which it will use to bring Arnold Circus (and other sites) up to scratch. The Council will be consulting between now and September, but warn that though £600,000 sounds large, it won’t cover all needs.

The consultation starts at the Arnold Circus Sharing Picnic on July 20th. Your chance to have a say.

What are the needs? How can these works be most useful to the people who use Arnold Circus? How can we make sure that the improvements are looked after and the gardens don’t fall back into disrepair? These were the questions that a Friends team of planners and architects have been addressing in the Arnold Circus Conservation Strategy (ACCS), a study commissioned by FOAC and match-funded by LBTH Conservation Dept. Project coordinator Finn Williams, architectural consultant Jamie Scott-Baxter and sustainability consultant Caitlin Elster who have put together the final report.

A link to the final report, the ACCS, is below. It looks to address the continuing conservation and sustainability of Arnold Circus, building on existing policy and initial recommendations of the 2005 feasibility report. Rather than proposing what it should look like, the strategy focuses on how any changes could be done and how they would be used and looked in the long-term.

The ACCS aims to create a realistic framework for how these uses can be enabled. It lays down recommendations for how the management and maintenance of the gardens should be shared between the local community and Council.

The ACCS has been guided by a steering group that has included:
BETRA: Gail Burton, Julian Latorre

English Heritage: Sarah Green, Kate Emmerson

FOAC: Naseem Khan, Leila McAlister<LBTH Conservation: Mark Hutton, Vicki Lambert.
LBTH Parks: Colin Stuart, Ros Brewer
LAP 1: Saheed Ullah, Louise Vallace

Have a look at the ACCS, and tell us what you think. And come to the Sharing Picnic on the 20th where the Council’s Consulation team will be out, seeking your views.

And watch out for Radio Arnold – an on-line ‘radio station’ that will incorporate your views, give you news and keep you up-to-date with developments and what you can do to input into them.


(Please be patient as the ACCS will take a few minutes to download.)

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