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Gardening on the Circus – March ’09.

March 3, 2009

The renovation of the Circus will not now be happening this year so we can enjoy the flowers for another year before all the work starts.      


                                     Crocus opening in the sun

The leaves and dead flowers from last year have been cleared and the spring bulbs are are coming up and some are flowering already.     
                             11-feb09-005      27thfeb09-0031
                                Helleborus niger       Primroses & Winter Aconites
The perenials and biennials are growing their new leaves, including lots of Foxgloves and Hollyhocks,  and many of the seeds dropped by the  flowers last autumn are germinating. A few more early flowering  plants(Hellebores and Cowslips) have been added to help give a nice show while all the others are still growing.
On Sunday 1st.March we roughed up the surfaces in some areas ready to be seeded, and on Monday 2nd.March the children fron Virginia Primary School and Columbia Road Nursery came onto the Circus and had great fun sowing seeds for annual meadow follows, so hopefully we will have another good show this year.
As the weather gets warmer and everything starts to grow there will be careful weeding needing to be done and the shrubs and ivy will need to be kept under control, so helpers will be welcome. I will be on the Circus most Sunday afternoons but please phone first to make sure. My mobile no. 07903 397 431.
I will also be clearing up any rubbish and dog messes while I am there. (The Council contractors (Fountains) will be litter clearing during the week.)
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