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Garden Work Done March 2009

March 29, 2009


Preparing areas for Seed Sowing with children tomorrow.

Roughed up the ground and weeded in various places on lower tier.

Sofka, Jean & friend, Steve from  Wonder Garden and Robin came to volunteer.


Quite a few people visited Circus and stopped to chat, incl. a couple of  whom the man’s grandfather grew up in the Old Nichol, and the Features Editor of Horticultural Week, Gave McEwan, who was interested in doing something similar where he lives and may be in touch with the Friends.




Assisted Ken from Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park with the Seed Sowing with children from Virginia Primary School and Columbia Road Nursery.

Cleared litter beforehand.



SUNDAY 8TH. Cleared litter off surfaces & beds (bottles, cans, cartons) and dog poos.

(Some Daffs & Anemone flowers have been trashed and recently planted plants dug up, mainly upper SW, by dogs.)

Sofka and friend William came to volunteer and dug up some of the invasive grasses upper SE & SW.



Cleared litter. No dogpoos today.

Weeded, particularly Dandelions and Brambles on upper SE.

Spread seed, particularly in areas not done by the children on Sowing Day.


Patrick started the tidying of lower SW between the shrubs, grubbing out the spreading ivy roots, clearing the leaves, and digging out the bramble.


Lots of people on Circus today,   incl. a couple and child who live opposite and who would very much like GATES to be reinstalled at entrances, and to be locked at night, as they are kept awake by  all the noise at night in the summer, often going on all night. Their bedrooms overlook the Circus.


I caught one gentleman on the beds picking the dark Hellebore flowers. He had a big handful. Asked him not to in future.



Sofka came to volunteer, also Loren, a New York student on vacation, who was visiting the Circus and just happened to see us and asked to join in. (Suggested Loren look up the Friends online and sign up).


Caught older man lifting grandson over railings to pick flowers. I asked him please not to. (They had collected a very nice bouquet of Hellebores, red Tulips, and Daffs (for Mothers Day)).


Also lady with dogs were there and they shat on top of flowers.


Met man, on Circus with daughter, who said it was looking better all the time (in spite of everything.).


With Sofka, cleared litter and dogpoo, weeded (mainly Brambles and Dandelions), planted 2 Cowslips and 3 more Foxgloves, and watered,

Loren did great job trimming a lot of the Cotoneasters and Eleagnus on the lower tier, and Patrick cleared more of the Ivy and Bramble.




Not much litter to clear today. (Fountains contractors were just going as I arrived so they must have collected the litter from Bandstand etc.)

A few dogpoos on beds and paths I cleared.

Jean brought over the notices asking people not to pick the flowers and I put them up, as well last years posters of spring flowers that I put back on notice board. (Jean says she will do fresh ones of the summer flowers to go up later.)

Patrick cut shoots from the base of the Cotoneasters opp. Virginia School.


The Forsythias have put on good show this year and think it would be a pity to loose them, as well as the Mahonias that were cut have been allowed to grow a little. As long as they are kept short they add welcome early spring colour.


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