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Gardening April 2009

April 5, 2009


In flower-2nd-april-09-0144thapril-09-0104thapril-09-0061


Quite a few chequered & all white Snakes-Head Fritillary (Fritilllaria  meleagris ) 

Wild yellow Tulips (Tulipa sylvestris) 

Grape Hyacinths (Muscari)

Forget-Me-Nots ( Myosotis).

Elephants Ears (Bergenias)



4thapril-09-007The red Japonicas (Chaenomeles Japonica) are in flower, so have recovered from being chopped last year.




There are a couple of Ransoms wild garlic (Allium ursinum) in flower but lots more to come opposite Virginia primary school.



4thapril-09-024Some of  the early  Daffs are starting to die back now, but there are still a lot, and a lot of different varieties. The last Daffs, the Poeticas, will not flower for another month or more.

I cleared litter and dogpoos (quite a few, I suspect from the three dogs brought onto the Circus by the local lady who lets her dogs run over the flowers and who never clears up their mess).

American Catherine (who has volunteered before) came and volunteered to cut  the Dogwoods and a Cotoneaster in lower SW bed.

Patrick  dug out Brambles in same bed and around the notice board.

With hosepipe and watering cans I watered, mostly plants that have been planted this year and looked like they needed it.

SUNDAY 11TH.  1.00-5.00  4HRS

Very green and lush after the recent  rain.

There is a lovely scent from the white Cherry blossom.

Red Campions are flowering well, particularly next to the South steps.



The Bluebells are starting to flower, and the Ransoms, on the lower tier,although not as many as hoped for.   Bluebells     

Cowslips, Grape Hyacinths and Forget-Me-Nots are all still flowering as well.

The Hollyhocks are growing well, and the annual meadow flowers, including seeds spread by children from Virginia Primary, are  starting to grow.

Most of the Daffs are now over.

A fence has been erected around the bandstand.

I cleared the litter (not a lot, but there was a dead rat) and a lot of dogshits, from the same dogs. There were a lot around the bases of the Plane trees around the bandstand.

(For the plants maybe its better that the dogs are not going onto the beds to mess, but not so nice for people walking around)

I spent most of the afternoon weeding, concentrating on Goosegrass (Cleavers, Sticky Willy) Dandelions and Bramble.

Some of the Foxgloves are looking like they are suffering some deficiency, so I replanted a few adding compost, but maybe was a mistake and may not survive the shock.


SUNDAY 19TH. 2.00-6.00  4HRS.

Found 2 of the regular 3 dogs (one is kept on lead) running all over the flowers, and crapping on them,  with the younger of the 2 women (the daughter?) who bring them every day (I believe) onto the Circus to run and do their mess .

They are trashing the Bluebells opposite Rochelle.


After the recent rain the plants are growing well, including all the Chickweed which are making  several areas look a mess. 

The Bluebells are flowering and looking quite good in places in the lower beds.

The Red Campion are coming on a treat and the Cowslips are still looking good. 

The Dusky Cranesbill are flowering but not as well as last year yet.   


Red Campiom & Cowslips

Red Campiom & Cowslips







I cleared the dogshits (quite a few, from the same dogs) and the litter, incl. several bottles thrown onto the beds.

Did not have time to do any weeding.


Most of the afternoon spent discussing with Leila clearing areas in lower SW tier for the Pumpkin/Squash growers and with Patrick digging out a few to test how easy it will be.

I estimate 2 days for 3 of us, and arranged to do more on  Wednesday with Patrick and Sofka. Leila to arrange with Fountains to take waste on Thursday.

WEDNESDAY 22ND.   8.30-6.00   8 1/2HRS.

 (Met Jim & Darren from Fountains who had been sent  to strim chickweed from lower beds, but being an ex-proper gardener with the Council thought it looked fine & could see other seeds growing in amongst it so didn’t want to strim & conferred with me & I agreed with decision not to.)

 Saw younger dog lady up there again with dog shitting on path. I asked her not to let dogs loose. Suggested she did not  bring them up, also pointed out it was a £1000 fine  for not clearing the dogshit and tried to take photo but camera had jammed!

 With Sofka and Patrick  dug out all the Dogwoods from SW bed, cut back or took out the Ivy and Bramble, and cleared a ‘ woodland’ path (as Leila called it} from the gate to cleared area, and smooth out the ground.

 We left all the stuff on one side of the south steps (with Hazard tape across it at the bottom) for Fountains to collect tomorrow, but there is a lot.

 Poeticas Daffs (the last daffs) are now in flower.



Poeticus Daffodil

Poeticus Daffodil



A young visitor

A young visitor

 SUNDAY 26TH.  1.30-6.00  4 1/2HRS.

The bluebells looking good around the bottom tier. Could see just one Pot Marigold ( Calendula). (They only open in the sun). A few Aquilegia are flowering.

Pot Marigold
Pot Marigold


Patrick  cut the perimeter Ivy.
Naseem  came & weeded Chickweed from beneath Cherry  where it was looking bad.

 I cleared dogpoos ( mainly  around  bases of  Plane trees) and the litter (not much – Fountains must be clearing it). Some weeding, mainly Goose Grass, Dandelions, & Bramble. Lowered the Eleagnus shrubs  lower East. Removed a lot of Long Leaved Plantain upper NW bed, where there was a concentration of it, and spread seeds (Corn Cockle, Corn Marigold, Poppy) and watered.







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  1. May 29, 2012 12:52 pm

    Good bright mnrniog! I came across your blog a few days ago and I’m enjoying your amazing photography skills and learning more about Dublin and your countryside! Today’s early mnrniog images are so beautiful and I just had to let you know how they welcomed me when I opened up my MacBook. The donkey is charming so furry looking and your flower shots SO gorgeous, especially the light and dew on the grasses.I’ve just become the proud owner of a Canon 7D so am a beginner with an SLR and have much to learn! I leave for Africa in a month and really want to use this camera as it’s so much faster than my previous one which is great for stills and closeups but not fast moving wildlife. I love taking pics did get great ones on the last trip there but want even better this time! I’ve joined as a Follower so will be back so view your beautiful work.Have a wonderful day.Mary A Breath of Fresh Air- Mary recently posted..

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