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Dig at Risk

June 25, 2009

The big one-week dig has started. Museum of London archaeologists got this small engine up Arnold Circus steps and are using it to scoop a big hole out in its surface. They’ll then put a probe down to investigate what is really underneath.


The plans are that groups from Virginia School and St Hilda’s East Community Centre will be involved in the coming week, before the trench is closed up again.  However, Alison who is in charge of the dig was threatened by a young man yesterday and the Museum is now reviewing whether it is safe in fact to work on Arnold Circus.

It would be tragic if an activity that so many local people are excited about and that would give so much to them, particularly children, was cancelled.

POSTSCRIPT  Five days later – the young man who had threatened Alison and almost stopped the whole dig came back with a group of friends. And when they had all heard about what was going on and had looked at some of the finds, he himself stayed back to speak to Alison. And apologised.

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