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How to walk 120kms in 5 minutes

July 4, 2009

It’s easy. You don’t have to have special powers. Just go on St Hilda’s East’s sponsored walk in the afternoon of 23rd July. They are holding the walk around the area to celebrate 120 years of the community centre, and they have constructed it so that you can walk anything – from 50 metres up. The only thing they are aiming for is that when all the amounts walked by people are added up at the end of the day, they come to 120 kilometres!

St Hilda’s was around when the Boundary was built, and is 21 years older than the Arnold Circus bandstand. The walk marks their birthday, but is also of course a means to raise money for the centre (they have teamed with the Friends over a number of projects), to enable them to go on for another 120 years. You can find out full details, register and/or donate on their website.

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