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August 14, 2009

WORK DONE SUNDAY 2ND. 1.30-6.00  4 1/2HRS.

 Was very nice to have the music in the bandstand today, and last Sunday on Shared Picnic Day.

Wonderful to see bandstand being used. Be good to have more if possible.

‘Fountains’ , the Council  contractors, had been midday and cleared the bandstand and surfaces of rubbish before music people arrived.

 No Patrick to help me  today.

 Found wallet with cards etc. & phoned owner who came & collected. Was very grateful. Her bag was stolen while she was in a bar last night.

 I cleared litter from around perimeter & from beds, and only one (!) dogshit.

 Talked with Naseem & mentioned I thought it might be good to have presence during refurbishment if funding was at all possible, although as she said nobody knows yet what quite will happen when, so possibly there would be no point.

 Now is time to start clearing dead flowers and made start on Red Campions, NE bed, collecting some seeds and spreading some. Weeded as I went. Didn’t do as much as wished, so stayed longer to do more.

 There are several Cyclamen hederifolium in flower, if you can spot them. Very few flowers at moment apart from them and some of the Hollyhocks.

 A.C. 2ND.AUGUST 09A.C. 5TH..JULY 09 002

SUNDAY 9TH. 2.00-5.30   3 1/2HRS.

The usual gang of youths did not come onto the Circus  today so it was very quiet & peaceful and was enjoyed by several couples and individuals who came. Made a very nice change.

 Spoke to one young man who had been intimidated verbally  by the youths on his last vist.

 ‘Fountains’ contractors  had been earlier & cleared litter from hard surfaces. I cleared litter from the beds and several dogshits from surfaces and beds.

 Found a couple of keys & a Photocard. ( Was able  to contact owner after searching on Google. ) As with last weeks, bag was stolen while in a nearby bar last night. The thief/thieves seem only interested in ready cash and items that can be sold quickly, and not in bank cards or keys to burgle.

 Patrick came and we cut back  the rest of the Red Campion from upper NE and from upper NW beds, saving some of the seeds as we went. Looks better for it.

 SE & SW beds still to do, and then have to cut back the Musk Mallow and other flowers that have now seeded. Patrick is saving what we clear for the Rochelle compost bins.

SUNDAY 16TH. 1.45-5.45  4HRS.

Another peaceful day on the Circus. Moderate flow of visitors came and sat to eat or chat, including some foreign who were interested in history and whether bandstand is a Kiosk or a Pavilion? (Have looked both up in Oxford Dictionary and could be either but maybe more a pavilion, which is originally from Latin Papillion meaning butterfly or tent!  Kiosk is originally from Persian also meaning pavilion, but now is taken as meaning open fronted hut.)

Very little litter on surfaces, and just 2 dried up dogturds, which I cleared. Did not find any wallets, cards or keys today.

Some litter on the beds, mainly bottles and cans, which we cleared.

With Patrick,  cleared the dead Red Campions, and some others including the Corncockles, from upper SE bed & remaining ones fron NW bed, saving many of the seeds, and weeding as we went.

A.C. 16TH.AUGUST 09 001A.C. 16TH.AUGUST 09 002A.C. 16TH.AUGUST 09 003 

No flowers apart from the Cyclamen and the odd  Hollyhock, although there are some nice red Rosehips on plant opposite Calvert Avenue.

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  1. Henry permalink*
    August 15, 2009 8:03 am

    Andy, Great to hear about the keys. I can’t believe that you’ve done this twice in the last fortnight. Nice detective work!

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