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Carpetting the Bandstand

October 8, 2009

Tim Mitchell and the Trolley Gallery have an installation up right now in the bandstand that he calls  ‘We Shall Meet on that Beautiful Shore’.

This is what the Gallery says about it:
For this temporary installation at Arnold Circus, lasting until the end of the Zoo Art Fair, Mitchell introduces the idea of a crop circle appearing over night, using off-cuts from carpet in a geometric and concentric arrangement. In developing a chosen design two approaches were developed. First was to mirror the geometry and structure of the roof of the Bandstand, so dealing with the architecture itself as a starting point. The second approach will be to take the crop circle as a literal point of departure, developing a pattern based on the same rules applied when making a crop circle, such as the use of overlapping curves.

The use of carpet keeps it within the realms of the dwelling. The bandstand is believed to sit on the rubble from the tenements of the cleared slum of the Old Nichol estate. The slum clearance was an early hint at gentrification with only a very small number of inhabitants being able to return to the estate post development due to the high rents.

It’s there till the 19th, so go and have a look and experience it, and see what you think.

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