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Gardening on the Circus. Oct.09

October 21, 2009

SUNDAY 11TH.  1.30-5.00  3 1/2HRS.

There will be not too much to do with the plants this autumn as  have already cut back most of the of dead flowers. The main job will be clearing the leaves when they get too much or they will smother the smaller plants.

The other big job will be removing some of plants before the renovation work starts, during which the beds will be completely dug over and most remaining plants lost. We plan to keep what plants are worth saving and can be safely moved ( and have room for storing),  for possible  replanting once the work is complete – depending on whether appropriate and there is space.  Also,  I have been collecting seeds from most plants.


There is a wonderful carpet mosaic installed inside bandstand. A.C. SUNDAY 11TH.OCT.09 CARPET IN BANDSTAND 004

Things look pretty good, not many flowers but things looking green after recent rain. Bulbs are growing.

Cleared litter. Quite a few bottles & cans on beds. Several dogpoos on surfaces and beds but not a lot.

Then with Patrick, cleared all the masses of leaves from the paths etc. where they had built up against the railings, also sweeping up fag ends etc. as well as the leaves around the bandstand railings. (Don’t think Fountains have cleared the leaves yet this year).

 SUNDAY 18TH. 1.30-5.00  3 1/2HRS.

The carpet in bandstand still there and looking wonderful. Maybe that’s the solution to stop litter etc. in it – have it carpeted!


 The beds are looking green, especially upper S.E. where things are growing back after  all the clearing done there by the Council. Some Musk Mallow and Cyclamen are still in flower.

A.C. SEPT.09 009A.C. SEPT.09 005A.C.12TH.SEPTEMBER 2009 005

 I cleared litter, mainly bottles and cans from the beds, but also all the litter around the surrounding pavement. Although not gardening, it all helps to make the Circus a nice place to be.  Found just one dogturd this week – maybe an all time low.

 With Jean & Patrick and help from Peter and Robin, we moved Jean’s big tin planters into position on the estate and partially filled with rubble, sand and soil, ready for moving some plants from the Circus to, for storing during renovation.

With Patrick, cleared leaves from some areas where they have been building up covering the plants on the beds.

SUNDAY 25TH.  11.00-11.30 & 1.30-4.00  3HRS

Bagged up & brought 8 bags soil from a garden I saw was being excavated & with help from Jean & Peter put it in planters.

 The carpet gone from bandstand – that’s a pity as it brightened it up and everybody liked it.

 Jean was on the Circus collecting litter when I arrived and stayed to finish the job. I collected up dogpoos from paths & beds, also a  nasty human one from the path. Also swept up in Bandstand, broken glass etc.

 Patrick clipped  shrubs lower SE and collected some leaves, I cut back flowers & collected seeds.


Some Musk Mallow still in flower. The light can look good through the grasses and other plants at this time of year.

The twisted trunk Cotoneasters will soon be going. A.C. SUNDAY 18TH.OCT.09 CARPET IN BANDSTAND 013Things will look different after the renovation, but could look really good.

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  1. April 25, 2010 6:42 pm

    Dear FoAC gardeners –

    First of all – congrats on the last five (?) years at the circus – it was always a delight to walk around. I hope the new planting will be equally enjoyable.

    To business:

    Our wormery at the Shacklewell St 1-o-clock club garden has been hit by the hard, wet winter. No worms! (but lots of lovely dark compost made before they gave up the ghost)
    Do you have any I could smuggle in to manage this springs tealeaves and eggshells? Or point me to a functioning wormery that could help?

    Also we have lost our magnificent Ecchium (but we may have a daughter on the way) and our pelargoniums that came from Almeria also gave up the ghost this last winter… anything (bulbs/perennials) spare would be appreciated to fill our tyres.


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