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An update from T Loughman

March 22, 2010

Works are now well underway on the restoration of Arnold Circus.

Gritblasting apparatus is being used to remove the old paintwork from the railings, and clean the stone coping. The railings are then being primed immediately after blasting  (so they don’t get rusty). They will get a top coat of ‘Deep Brunswick Green’ once the repairs to damaged and bent sections of railing have been carried out (repairs will commence next week).  Parking suspensions are in place in order to allow space for the works, which need to be sheeted off to prevent dust escaping.

The inner railings have also been taken offsite, in order to be restored, these will be returned to site once they have been grit blasted, repaired and primed. Works have commenced to remove the old tarmac surface to the upper level and the mid level path, as well as repairs to the drainage channel around the upper level.

Staff from T Loughman have been to a school assembly at the Virginia Primary School in order to explain the project to children there. Some pupils have also visited as part of their ongoing photography project, and have met the site manager and the landscape architect, who have explained their role in the project.

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  1. March 26, 2010 4:08 pm

    this is great news. i’ve been past this area for a few years now and wondered why it was all out of bounds and not used, being such an amazing space.

    so congrats on this great community action in achieving this – i’ll definitely be paying a visit when it’s all done 🙂

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