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Update from T Loughman – 31 March

March 31, 2010

The top terrace has now been graded in readiness for a tar spray and chip finish. This will provide a hard wearing surface that also reflects the historic gravel surfacing, due to the buff coloured chippings seeded in. Ducting has been installed in the sub base so that electric cables can be installed to feed the light within the bandstand, and a series of power supplies for events held by the Friends of Arnold Circus.

The Bandstand has been soft stripped as the first stage of refurbishment. Seventy five percent of the railings are grit blasted and primed and these works continue. Planting bed soil regrading continues with some shrubs being retained. After the Easter break the metal workers will be repairing and refurbishing any railings in need of re-alignment.

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  1. wendy james permalink
    April 19, 2010 7:52 pm

    Monday 19th April ……we visited on Saturday, looking forward to seeing the Circus getting the care it so much needs and deserves. We don’t live here, but often enjoy visiting.

    We were really concerned to see that the coping stones appear to have been drastically cleaned …. shouldn’t they simply have been washed and scrubbed? They seem to have lost all of their tooling, pattina and original form; almost as if they have been dressed in a new style, which doesn’t appear sympathetic at all. it also seems to exaggerate the cracks and knocks and imperfections in the stone, loking more vulnerable.

    I hope this won’t happen with the steps?

    Have the copings been blasted with the railings that you refer to? I understood that stone shouldn’t be stripped of it protective / oxidised weathered skin when it is being cleaned or restored, if it can be avoided. Can you clarify the intention here?

    Thank you. WJ

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