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Garden Life October 2010

October 17, 2010

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Last week Jean Locker helped with planting half of the Bluebell bulbs we saved back onto the Circus, opposite Chertsey House. We recovered with soil and bark so it doesnt show, and hopefully there will be a good display in the spring.


What we thought was vomit beside the south steps was CELLULOSE FILLER / FIBREGLASS ( for repairing motor bodywork?) I discovered when I went to clear it away yesterday.  I cleared it away and it stank my van out. I also cleared broken paving slabs that have been dumped behind railings opposite Club Row. Also bottles and cans thrown onto the beds.

 I have had to replant several plants that had been pulled up.


Many of the plants on the Circus are looking lush after recent rain, particularly the Salvia verticillata and Bergenias. The Stinking Iris (they don’t really stink) Iris foetidissima seed pods are now opening, showing their bright orange seeds (above, right). The yellow Coreopsis (above, middle) and the daisy flowers of the Anthemis are still looking good(above , left).

 The plants are being  trampled inside the gates where people are letting their dogs onto the beds.


The Monkshood (Aconitum napellus)(above, left)  behind Virginia School railings is in flower, as is the Feverfew (above, right)


The plants we dug up from the Circus last autumn, before the renovation work began, and saved by planting around the estate in several places, have given a good display over the summer, including behind Rochelle School railings (above, right) and behind  Shiplake  House (above, left).

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