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Garden Life October 2010 no.2

October 30, 2010

(Click on photos to enlarge)

(One of the handrails (the upper one on the right going up from Calvert Avenue) is loose, most of the screws are out. Maybe they worked their way loose from regular use. I have emailed the council.)

   The Verbena bonariensis have, along with all the Coreopsis and Anthemis, been in flower for several months now, adding a purple haze to areas of the Circus.  It can self-seed readily, but likes bare earth, so I don’t know if it will here because of all the bark mulch on the beds.

  Today I replanted more of the Bluebell bulbs back on the Circus,  dug up and saved  last autumn.  Bluebell bulbs are not layed with a skin  like onions and daffodils, but creamy white, and may be anything from the spherical to the ridiculously long, as in my photo.

      It is a pity the contractors did not bank the soil higher up against the concrete water tanks instead of lowering it. They would have been much less obvious, at least from below.

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