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We are recording our own area to show you…

February 3, 2011

What can they be looking at?

It looks just like a grotty dilapidated fence.  But look through the eyes of the kids and their cameras and it tells you something different.

Virginia School kids are in the process right now of concocting their own map of Arnold Circus and the Boundary Estate. They are hunting out the corners and the areas that matter to them – places that fascinate them, bits that have memories and histories for them.It won’t be a Googlemap or an A-Z but something more personal. We’ll put their maps up here when they are finished, but you might be able to get a preview of bits of them (maybe) on the OpenOpen site –

And have you registered to input into OpenOpen yet? It is slowly beginning to build, so get on line and add your bit in – things you notice about the Circus, things you might plan or want to share.

Little by little, OpenOpen will build up a public diary for Arnold Circus – a record of a year of observations and experiences, and a common forum for information about everyday life on the Circus. Look around you and join in and help it happen.

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