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Plants on the Circus May 2011

May 2, 2011

Everything is now growing. It has been the hottest, and driest, spring in 60 years, so it is a pity the Watering System, installed by the Council at  enormous cost, is not yet working.  The ground is starting to dry out, and soon the plants will suffer.

On the East the beds are covered in yellow/white Anthemis tintoria (Golden Marguerite) and the pink Geranium ‘Lilly Lovell’, with a few Geranium ‘Johnsons Blue’ dotted amongst them.

On the North, the Snowy Woodrush grass (Luzula nivea) is in flower and looks great with the light shining through it.

On the East, all the Lamb’s Ears (Stachys byzantina) are growing well.

Even the South side is filling up after being barren all winter.  The coarse blue grasses (I believe are Elymus magellanicus (Blue Wheatgrass) (they are not on the Planting Plans so am not 100% )) are growing well, as are the Rudbeckias and Coreopsis.

I have been planting Barronwort/Bishop’s Mitre (Epimedium x perralchicum) around the bottom edges on the shady North. The idea is for them to spread giving an evergreen cover and helping to hold the soil and bark in place on the steep ground. They also have nice yellow spring flowers.

Some of the plants are being trampled by people going onto the beds, mainly I believe late night party goers.

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