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Local roots make sense

August 21, 2011

If the last weeks have shown us anything, it’s been the need to strengthen community at a meaningful grassroots level.

So, it is good news that the Friends of Arnold Circus are officially going to take over part-management of the site from the Council. As ever, we welcome help and involvement at whatever level. Get in touch with us and explore ideas.

And it is good news that the old One O’Clock Club on Shacklewell Street is being targeted by a promising partnership of local groups.

Yuki Finch explains  it on

Support the No Boundaries One O’clock Club Bid

“An amazing group of people from around the area are trying to lease the former One O’Clock Club on Shacklewell Street from the Council. No Boundaries, Out of the Ordinary, community gardeners, local businesses and residents have formed a partnership to expand its use as a local hub for play, learning, gardening, making friends and having fun.

I believe that our bid represents the best use of the space for maximum benefit to the local area. We will preserve access by those who have already invested heavily in improvements whilst opening up the space to a wider group of local families and community groups. We’ll keep the focus on children, young people and gardeners, for whom the space is best suited due to its size and location in a safe, enclosed green space. Without your support, the Council could award the lease to an outside group with deeper pockets but shallower aims.”

Check out their link and find out more.

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