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Plants on the Circus – a look back at 2011

January 20, 2012

Lots of people have said how good the Circus looked this year and how much they have liked it. This was the first full year after all the new planting during the massive renovation works during 2010. It probably looked it’s best in May & June.

We replanted all the bulbs (Bluebells & Daffs) & plants (Hellebores, Hollyhocks & Geraniums) and  spread  the seeds (Hollyhocks, Musk Mallow etc.) which we had saved from before the work began, and we put in new plants (Epimediums, Foxgloves, Geums, Aquilegias & ferns).

The water supply was eventually turned on in May, but the pipes are continually being bitten through and pulled up – by dogs, rats, and people going onto the beds – and have to be repaired and re-anchored.

The South side has looked good some of the time, but can look pretty drab & scruffy at others.Here it is looking at it’s best.

Some of the plants are being trampled, and litter (mainly bottles & cans) is being thrown onto the beds, and some irresponsible people are still bringing their dogs onto the Circus and letting them run wild, fouling the footpaths and the beds.

(The contractors (Fountains) do a good job and come most days to empty the bins & clear the litter from the paths, and I clear the litter from the beds when I am here).

Somebody brought their fighter dogs onto the Circus in May and they ripped the bark from the trees.

Great Tits nested in a bird box and hatched a clutch of eggs in May.

Somebody buried a dead cat on the Circus in November, and they had to be asked to remove it. They made  a mess, uprooting plants etc., and we don’t want people to do it as it encourages rats, foxes and dogs to dig it up.

The planting contractors came back in October (and again this month), and did more planting. to finally fulfill their contract.

It is so good to see so many people visit the Circus, to meet friends, have their lunch, to come to the events, or just to look and be here.

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