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Cookbook of Memories

April 20, 2012

We thought they’d all gone, but we have just found an unexpected box with copies of the popular


If you hurry, you could be the happy owner of one of these never-to-be-repeated items.

The CENTENARY COOKBOOK is more than a cookbook. It incorporates local people’s memories, stories and drawings as well as recipes that range a wide spectrum. Open the book and you get a slice of Arnold Circus life, past and present. Kathleen who grew up in St Lucia, will tell you how ‘Till I came here, I never know what it is to be “poor” – back home everyone has a little bit of land….’

Sarah Wise takes you back to the days of the Old Nichol when Bubble and Squeak was a staple. And Lutfun Hussain gives you a good Pumpkin Curry. We don’t guarantee that the recipes are all accurate down to the last ingredient, but we do guarantee that the taste of the memories is authentic and flavourful.

It costs £5 including post/package, is a paperback measuring 16 x 24cms.  Press the green button on this page – ‘Help Us keep the Circus Alive/Donate’ – and follow the simple steps, and you can pay for it via PayPal. And then also send us an email to give us your full details so we can send you the book.

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  1. Peter permalink
    September 14, 2012 9:23 am

    Can anyone detail the origins of why it is called Arnold Circus (meaning the Arnold bit). please.

    Thanks for the interesting web site.

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