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Running for Gold

May 1, 2012

When Arnold Circus was built, it was specifically for local people to ‘refresh and recreate’.

Virginia Primary School took that seriously – children, staff and some parents – when they staged their own pre-Olympics around it.

Maria describes what happened:

‘On the Sports Relief day we had a great morning of sports and fun. The motto of Sports Relief is to “go the extra mile”, so we decided to get the children to run a mile around Arnold Circus as a whole school. Each class took turns in running a set amount of laps around Arnold Circus, starting with the youngest children in the nursery right up to the Year 6 pupils, and finally the parents and teaching staff ran a lap.








We were very lucky on the day to have brilliant weather and the support of one of the local cafes, Leila’s, who provided the children with water and blood oranges. The school had also decided to recognise the achievement of each child by presenting them with a commemorative medal, which the children loved. After this successful sporting event, the children and parents watched a Sporting talent show where groups and individual children performed, showcasing a range of sporting talents from dance to poetry about sports and the Olympics.

After all this fun it’s great to know that we raised £314 from talent show ticket sales and donations for non-uniform wearing.

I would like to thank all those that took part not only for making the day a great success but for raising money that will definitely change the lives of others.’

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