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Day of Discovery and Delight

July 9, 2012

A lovely refreshing Sunday at the Arnold Circus Olympicnic – despite the Andy Murray/Federer match and despite the constant threats of rain. Traffic was banned for just this one day and Calvert Avenue was taken over with a wonderful range of games, such as you would not see anywhere else.  Cherry Spitting isn’t going to feature in the Olympics, but just try spitting the stone a good distance without concentration and lung power….

Some people chose to try to do it in some very challenging ways…..

Up on the bandstand area, Barney Musician had programmed a terrific programme of eclectic live music – MC-ed by himself and poet Pete Hancock – from drumming to folk, from children from next door Virginia School (below) to rap,

Meanwhile strange characters in swimming caps raced each other around the Circus. An Infinity Hopscotch was chalked along the road, and the obligatory challenge to cycle 100 times around the Circus was taken up by the resolute of all ages.

It was a day of discovery –  seeing what it felt like to drag a go-kart, play Infinity Hopsctoch, sample some of the fiendish Arnold Games that children of Virginia School had devised and meticulously created.

And even getting the chance to try – in a quiet road –  to find out for yourself if you are old enough yet to be able to skip…. 

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