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The Friends of Arnold Circus is a registered charity (no.1114726). It was formed in London’s Shoreditch in spring 2004 through local voluntary action. The historic bandstand and gardens at the heart of Arnold Circus had fallen into disrepair and were widely seen as dirty and threatening. A small group of local people set about to rescue this unique part of the East End’s heritage, and to re-establish it as a resource for all. By spring 2006, membership had risen to 450 and our events – from brass band concerts to an annual Carrom championship – were attracting over 300 people to each. In 2011, membership had risen to 550, and the Friends had taken over management of part of the site from the Council.

Our aim is to: create a public shared space for all. We will support the sensitive regeneration of the garden and bandstand and engage with local people so that this rich resource can be used, developed and enjoyed by all.


FOAC is run by a board of Trustees who are elected once a year at the Annual General Meeting. The current board consists of Will Tanner (Chair), Leila McAlister (Vice-Chair), Alice Herrick (Secretary), Jenny Bernard (Treasurer), Finn Williams, Megan Charnley, Robin Hatton-Gore & Jean Locker.

We garden, work with schoolchildren and volunteers and run events. Our membership is free to all who share our aims, and we welcome people who would like to be involved practically. A short film on will tell you more.

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