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Arnold Circus is more than a site – it is the people around it.

We have set up a number of projects that seek to expand the reach and the use of the Circus.

Children at Virginia Primary School started work on ‘Green Circus’ in January 2007 thanks to funding from the Ironmongers’ Company. They have built bird-boxes, planted wild flowers, shaken trees so that bugs and creepy-crawlies dropped out, written haikus, created banners and vegetables made out of felt. If you’d like an illustrated account of the project, complete with detachable postcards by the children (we’d need cover for postage etc), contact us.




Bagaan (‘Garden’) is a collaborative workshop that started in September at St Hilda’s, with young women and mothers. Working with the brilliant textile artist, Mary Spyrou, they are using the elements of the natural world around Arnold Circus as the inspiration for an embroidered hanging. Contact Sabeha Miah (Mon-Wed) for info – 020 7739 8066.

THE BENCH Prize-winning designer, Michael Marriott, has designed a bench specially for Arnold Circus. It is up there now for you to try it out, to compare it with the old British Rail bench we have rescued and then record your opinions in Comments Books in the Community Laundrette and in Leila’s Shop. Or post your thoughts on THE BENCH on this blog!

MEMORIES AND FUTURES The story of Arnold Circus told through the anecdotes and experiences of people living around it, from 86 year old Phoebe whose granny told her about royalty coming to open the new estate to primary schoolchildren today. From its days of glory through its decline and now on the rise again – the stories of The Bandstand Gang, memories of the splendour of the new Boundary Estate (a toilet in every home), of a broken romance on Arnold Circus and bunking off from school on it. Available on DVD from the Friends or downloadable as a podcast below, Memories and Futures lasts 22 minutes and was produced by


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